Compare Presets

Interested to see how our presets compare in a feed? Check out how out how we have used the different collections over the years.  Our editing has changed and adapted over time as we traveled to different locations and emphasized different tones and styles. We love each of them for different reasons - which one do you like most?


Newest Everyday Pack 

Best for: creating that realistic "UNFILTERED" look with a hint of moody & romantic vibes. Tones of browns and creams that just add a little more LIFE to your photos. Some presets include that grainy old film or vintage vibe including one for black and white. Additional Bonus of adjustable grain presets


Specialty Pack 

Best for: tropical travels, beaches & pools, SOFT even edits, sunny days, COOL TONES of blues & turquoise, tan sun-kissed skin, reducing harsh shadows & retaining detail



Specialty Pack 

Best for: Desert travels, WARM TONES of browns & tan, DRAMATIC & adventurous edge, wedding photographers, fashion focus, moody at home shoots, and even just plain everyday photos


Favorite All-Arounder 

Best for: professional CINEMATIC touch, richer colors, warm & cool tone options, portraits, indoor & outdoor FLEXIBILITY




Traveler Best Seller
Best for: cooler tones, sunsets & sunrises, DUSTY bohemian vibe, BRIGHT POPS of white