The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets
The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets

The Tropical Collection - 8 Presets

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Introducing one of our mini packs, the Tropical Collection! This set of filters is all about turquoise water, white sand, and dreamy tropical settings. The Tropical Collection is designed to bring that perfect beachy looking vibe of sun kissed skin with pops of bright blue water to any photo. They can be applied to any image and will add a beautiful professional touch – just like you’d expect to see on our Instagram feed. Install in minutes, apply in seconds! Editing photos has never been easier!

  • Our most affordable pack!
  • Tap into our look ~ these are the EXACT presets we use @sydneyandavis
  • Includes 8 unique presets
  • Emphasizes dreamy SOFT edits with cool tones of blue & turquoise and tan sun kissed skin
  • Minimal editing required
  • Perfect supplement to our “all-arounder” Artist or Voyager Collections
  • Installation Guide Included
  • Designed for Adobe Lightroom CC's FREE Mobile App or Desktop Version
  • Tested on photos from a variety of different cameras, drones & smartphones
  • MOBILE VERSION: Perfect for phone images and JPEGs to be edited right on your mobile device
  • DESKTOP VERSION: designed for higher resolution JPEG and RAW files to be edited on computer

This collection was inspired by our travels around Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. These filters have been carefully designed to enhance images from a variety of different locations and settings including beaches, tropical islands, jungles, waterfalls and even portraits. They are perfect for bright sunny days to help to soften intense shadows and add an eye-catching vibrance to pools and ocean waters. You can also use these on soft lighting indoor shoots to bring those tropical beachy vibes anywhere you go.


8 Unique Photo Presets:

  1. Agave - rich undertone
  2. Coconuts - warm & subtle
  3. Creamy - soft & creamy, golden glow
  4. High Tide - bright cool tones
  5. Paradise - tan skin & blue water
  6. Peachy - dreamy all-arounder
  7. Sea Foam - turquoise pop
  8. Vibin - grainy vintage edit


  • Installation Guide explaining how to upload the filters (aka ‘Presets’ in the Lightroom App) to your phone and how to use them!
  • Quick Editing Guide explaining how you can make additional adjustments to your picture for an optimal effect.

Installation is simple!

Immediately upon purchase you will receive an email outlining everything you need in order to get you set up, including a step-by-step installation guide PDF, as well as your unique download link to receive your new preset files.

You can also visit our FAQ page for further support and reference our installation guide found on our website.


Remember, every photo is different and shot in varied locations, lighting situations, times of day, and with a range of cameras and settings. You will simply need to adjust things like exposure as well as temperature and tint to achieve your desired style.

These presets have been designed so that at least 1 preset will work for almost any photo condition ~ not every preset will be a perfect fit though, you will find many to choose from for each photo. Our presets will create a perfect base for you to discover your own unique taste and create the content of your dreams.


Tag @escape.artists.presets and use the hashtag #escapeartistspresets in your photos so we can see your edits and feature them on our Instagram page!


If you have any questions about how the presets will work for your photos, send us an image at and we'll edit your photo for free from any preset pack of your choice! Please allow for up to 72 hour delay in response, especially while we are traveling.